1038 BelAir SB at Wendys
1039 Bel Air SB at Bel Air Cleaners
1041 Bel Air Mall
1084 International EB at Target
1085 Bel Air NB at 601 Building
1086 BelAir NB at Toys R Us
1144 Mobile Infirmary Blvd past Springhill
1145 Mobile Infirmary
1146 Mobile Infirmary Blvd SB Near Springhill
1147 Springhill WB at Silverwood
1148 Springhill WB at Stanton Rd
1149 Springhill WB at Florence
1150 Springhill WB at Desales
1151 Springhill WB Past Lanier
1152 Springhill WB A Levert
1153 Springhill WB at Grand
1154 Springhill WB at Florida St
1156 Springhill WB near Mobile St
1157 Springhill WB at Bayshore
1159 Springhill at Chrichton Shopping Cntr
1217 Springhill EB at Union Ave
1218 Springhill EB at Davenport Ave
1219 Springhill EB Past Bayshore Ave
1220 Springhill at Hyland Ave
1221 Springhill EB at Item St
1222 Springhill EB at Florida St
1223 Springhill EB at Levert Ave
1224 Springhill EB at Florence Pl
1225 Springhill EB at Tuscaloosa St
1226 Springhill EB at Margaret St
1227 Springhill EB at N Carlen St
1228 Springhill EB at Silverwood St
1272 Prichard Hub
1273 Prichard Ave WB at Edison Dr
1274 Prichard Ave WB at D St
1275 Prichard Ave WB at Gilbert St
1276 Prichard Ave WB at Seminary St
1277 Prichard Ave WB at College St
1278 Prichard Ave WB at St Stephens Rd
1279 Prichard Ave Sb at Short St
1302 Prichard Ln EB off St Stephens
1303 Prichard Ave EB at College St
1304 Prichard Ave EB at Seminary St
1306 Prichard Ave EB at Edison Dr
1307 Prichard Ave EB Near Wilson Ave
1359 Dauphin WB Past Sage at Foosackly
1360 Dauphin WB Past Pierpoint Dr
1361 Dauphin WB at Food World near Checkers
1362 Dauphin WB Past Northgate at Bank
1363 W Service Rd WB at Dru Rhu Dr
1364 Dauphin EB Near Church
1365 Spingdale Blvd SB at McDonalds
1366 Springdale Blvd SB at Comfort Suites
1367 Emogene Btw Sprindale and Ser Rd Walmart
1368 Springdale Mall at Belks
1369 Emogene Btw Sprindale and Ser Rd Walmart
1370 Dauphin EB Near Midtown Pk
1371 Dauphin EB Past Pierpoint Dr at Krystal
1538 Sage NB Off Dauphin St
1539 Sage NB at Ishee
1540 Sage NB Near Oldshell Rd
1541 Page NB at Springhill Ave
1542 Stanton Rd NB at 158
1543 Staton NB at Braggs Ave
1544 Stanton NB at Plesant Ave
1545 Costaridies WB Past Summerville St
1546 Costaridies WB Past Redmond
1547 Stanton NB at Bishop State College
1548 Stanton NB at Ridge Rd
1549 Stanton NB at Hathcox St
1550 Stanton NB at Rushing Dr
1551 Stanton NB Between Dukes and Roosevelt
1552 Stanton NB at Holland St
1553 Stanton NB at Hart St
1554 Stanton NB at Oakeigh St
1555 Stanton NB at Rebecca Dr
1556 Stanton NB at Crestwood Cr
1557 Stanton NB at Linda Dr
1558 Stanton NB at Prichard Ln
1559 Prichard Ln EB at Lubel Ave
1560 Prichard LN EB at Summerville St
1561 Prichard Ln Eb at Joel Ct
1562 Wilson NB Past Prichard Ave
1563 Wilson NB at Clark Ave
1586 Wilson SB at Main St
1587 Wilson SB Near Prichard Ave at Clinic
1588 Prichard Ave WB off Wilson Ave
1589 Prichard SB at Owens St
1590 Prichard Ave SB at Wellington St
1591 Stanton SB Off Prichard Ln
1592 Stanton Rd SB at Boyette St
1593 Stanton SB at Bretwon St
1594 Stan SB at Cone St
1595 Stanton SB at Oakeigh St
1596 Stanton SB at Hart St
1597 Stanton SB Near Fillingim St
1598 Stanton SB at Clinic
1599 Stanton SB at Alta Point
1600 Stanton SB at Ridge Rd
1601 Stanton SB at Yerby St
1602 Costaridies EB Past Devon at Dr Office
1603 Costaridies EB Near Summerville St
1604 Stanton SB Near Plesant Ave
1605 Staton SB at Braggs Ave
1606 Stanton Rd SB across from 158
1608 Springhill WB at AL Braco
1610 Sage SB Off Springhill Ave
1611 Page SB at Sage Ave
1612 Sage SB Past Oldshell Rd
1613 Sage SB at Heather St
1614 Sage SB N Dauphin at Carwash
2045 Department Human Resouces