1000 GMandO
1001 Water St EB and St Joseph St
1003 Water St SB and Dauphin St
1004 Water St SB and Govt
1005 Govt WB and Joachim St
1119 Water NB at Dauphin St
1120 Water NB at St Louis St
1122 Old Conception St Rd SB at Morgan
1448 Duval WB at Murray Hill Ct
1449 1918 Duval Street
1450 Duval WB Near DIP
1495 Dual EB Off DIP
1496 Duval EB at Murryhill Ct
1497 Duval EB Near Houston St
1616 Claiborne SB Off Govt
1617 Claiborne SB at Canal St
1618 Washington SB at Charleston St
1619 Washington SB at Selma St
1620 Washington SB at Texas St
1621 Washington SB at New Jersey St
1622 Washington SB near Virginia St
1623 Virgina WB at Broad St
1624 Virginia WB at Marine St
1625 Virginia WB at Gayle St
1626 Virginia WB at Ann St
1627 Virginia WB at Flint St
1628 Virginia WB at Wisconsin Ave
1629 Virginia WB at Gordon St
1630 Virginia WB at Weinacker Ave
1631 Virginia WB at Houston Timepoint No Stop
1632 Houston WB at Kibby St
1633 Houston SB at Canal St
1634 Houston SB at Dublin St
1635 Houston SB at Cherokee St
1636 Houston SB at Duval St
1637 DIP Past Duval
1638 DIP SB across from Bishop
1639 DIP SB at Hurtel St
1640 DIP SB at Woodlawn Dr
1641 DIP SB at Zula Ln
1642 DIP SB at Stocton Dr
1643 DIP SB at Maryvale St
1644 DIP SB at Robinson Dr
1645 DIP NB past McVay Dr
1646 DIP SB at Waffle House
1647 DIP SB at Forest Ln
1648 DIP NB Near Old Military
1649 Springhill SB at Dollar General
1650 DIP SB at Ellen Dr
1651 DIP at Rozdale
1652 DIP SB A Daniels Dr
1653 DIP NB at Food4Less
1654 DIP SB Mackie-Lavern Dr
1655 DIP SB Past Gulfdale Dr
1656 DIP SB Near Brill Rd
1657 DIP SB Across from Springhill
1658 DIP SB at Gill RD
1659 DIP SB at Cedar Downs Dr
1660 DIP SB at Siglar Ave
1661 DIP SB at Staples Rd
1662 Staples WB at Alta Vista Dr
1663 Boykin EB Near DIP
1664 DIP NB at Stewart Rd
1665 DIP NB at Cedar Crescent
1666 DIP NB at BC Rain
1667 DIP NB Near Mackie Ave
1668 DIP SB across Food4Less
1669 DIP NB across Daniels Dr
1670 DIP NB at Rozdale
1671 DIP NB Across Dollar Gen
1672 DIP NB at Old Military Rd
1673 Fullbrook Shopping Center
1674 DIP NB at Exxon Station
1675 DIP SB near McVay Dr
1676 DIP NB at Delta St
1677 DIP NB at N Maryvale St
1678 DIP NB across N Gimon
1679 DIP NB at St Monica Dr
1680 DIP NB Across Woodlawn
1681 DIP NB at Bishop State
1682 DIP NB Near Duval
1683 Houston NB across Cherokee St
1684 Houston NB at Dublin St
1685 Houston NB at Canal St
1686 Houston NB Near Virginia
1687 Virginia EB at Weinacker Ave
1688 Virginia EB at Lott St
1689 Virginia EB at Tuttle Ave
1690 Virginia EB at Dexter Ave
1691 Virginia EB Near Michigan
1692 Virginia EB at Ann St
1693 Virginia EB at Gayle St
1694 Virginia EB at Marine St
1695 Virgina EB at Broad St
1696 Washington NB Past Virginia St
1697 Washington NB Near New Jersey St
1698 Washington NB at Texas St
1699 Washington NB at Selma St
1700 Washington NB at Charleston St
1701 Washington NB Near Canal
1702 Canal SB Near Claiborne St
1703 Joachim NB at Church St
1704 Royal NB at Govt St