1000 GM&O
1001 Water St EB and St Joseph St
1002 Water St SB and St Louis St
1003 Water St SB and Dauphin St
1004 Water St SB and Govt
1005 Govt WB and Joachim St
1006 Govt WB and Claiborne
1007 Govt WB and Franklin
1008 Govt WB and Lawrence
1009 Govt WB and Cedar
1010 Govt WB and Dearborn
1011 Govt WB and Washington
1012 Govt WB and Scott
1013 Govt WB and Jefferson
1014 Govt WB and Broad
1015 Govt WB and George
1016 Govt WB and Rapier
1017 Govt WB and Georgia
1018 Govt WB and Bradford
1019 Govt WB and Espejo
1020 Govt WB and Stocking
1021 Govt WB and Etheridge
1022 Govt WB and Macy Place
1023 Govt WB and Monterrey
1024 Govt WB and Breamwood
1025 Govt WB and Houston
1026 Govt WB and Ellis
1027 Govt WB and Rickarby
1028 Govt WB and DIP
1094 Govt EB at DIP
1095 Govt at Rickarby
1096 Govt EB at Ellis St
1097 Govt EB Near Breamwood
1098 Govt EB at Monterey
1099 Govt EB Near Catherine St
1100 Govt EB at Stocking St
1102 Govt EB Near Michigan Ave
1103 Govt EB at Ann St
1104 Govt EB at Georgis Ave
1105 Government at Rapier
1106 Govt EB at George St
1107 Govt EB at Marine St
1108 Govt EB Near Broad St
1109 Govt EB at Bayou
1110 Govt EB at Scott St
1111 Govt EB Mid Block past Washington
1112 Govt EB Mid Block past Dearborn
1113 Govt EB at Cedar St
1114 Govt EB at Lawrence St
1115 Govt EB at Franklin St
1116 Govt EB at Claiborne
1117 Govt EB Mid Block Past Joachim St
1118 Govt Near Royal St
1119 Water NB at Dauphin St
1120 Water NB at St Louis St
1122 Old Conception St Rd SB at Morgan
1457 Govt WB Past DIP
1458 Govt WB at Glenwood
1459 Govt WB at Mohawk St
1460 Govt WB at Westwood St
1461 Govt WB at Pinehill Dr
1462 Govt WB Across from Whataburger
1463 Govt WB Across from Greyhound
1464 Govt WB at McDonalds
1465 Govt WB Near Pleasantvalley
1480 Govt EB past Plesantvalley
1481 Govt EB at Howell St
1482 Govt EB Across from Walmart
1483 Govt EB at Greyhound Bus Station
1484 Govt EB at Whataburger
1485 Govt EB at Pinehill Dr
1486 Govt EB at West Wood St
1487 Govt EB at Mohawk St
1488 Govt EB at Glennwood. St
1489 Govt EB Near DIP
1537 Govt EB at Jefferson
1705 Govt WB at Charles ST
1711 Hwy90DR
1712 Hwy 90 WB at Mountain Dr
1713 Hwy 90 WB Nerar Azalea Rd at Sonic
1714 Hwy 90 WB at Bama Motel
1715 Hwy 90 WB Past Anchor Dr at Regions Bank
1716 Hwy 90 WB at Billards
1717 Hwy 90 WB Across from Mobile Mental Hlth
1718 Hwy 90 WB at Knob Hill Dr
1719 Hwy 90 WB at Demotropolis Rd
1720 Demotropolis NB at Pizza Hut
1721 Girby Rd WB A Girby Apts
1722 Girby WB at Dandale
1723 Medical Park Dr WB Off Girby Rd
1724 Girby EB at Knollwood DR
1725 Knollwood SB at Newgate Dr
1726 Knollwood NB at Hwy 90
1727 Hwy 90 WB at Landsdowne Dr
1728 Hwy90 WB Across from Mobile Lumber
1729 Hwy90 WB Across From Lowes
1730 Walmart
1731 Girby EB Across From Dandale Dr
1732 Rangeline NB Near Hwy90 at Zaxbys
1733 Hwy90 EB at from Lowes
1734 Hwy90 EB at Mobile Lumber
1735 Hwy 90 EBB at Landsdowne Dr
1736 Knollwood SB off Hwy90
1737 Girby Rd EB A Girby Apts
1738 Hwy 90 EB Past Demotropolis Rd
1739 Hwy90 EB Across from 7 Eleven
1740 Hwy 90 EB 2 Kno Hill Dr
1741 Mobile Mental Health
1742 Hwy 90 EB at Billards
1743 Azalea NB at Christopherson Place Apts
1744 Hwy 90 EB Near Azalea Rd
1745 Hwy 90 EB at McDonald Muffler
1746 Hwy 90 EB at Skyline CC
2013 Govt Blvd WB at Bay Chevrolet
2014 McVay Dr SB at Govt
2015 Boiling Brothers Blvd WB at McVay Dr
2016 Satchel Paige Dr NB Near Best Buy
2017 Satchel Paige Dr NB Near Five Guys N Gov
2018 Govt Blvd EB at Lakeside Dr
2019 Satchel Paige Dr SB Near Five Guys N Gov
2020 Satchel Paige Dr SB Near Best Buy
2021 Boiling Brothers Blvd WB at McVay Dr
2022 McVay Dr NB Near Govt
2023 Gov Blvd EB at Enterprise Car Rents