1000 GMandO
1001 Water St EB and St Joseph St
1120 Water NB at St Louis St
1122 Old Conception St Rd SB at Morgan
1123 St Joseph SB Near Congress St
1124 St Joseph St SB across from Post Office
1125 St Joseph SB Near St Anthony
1126 St Joseph SB Near St Louis St
1127 St Francis WB at Joachim
1128 St Francis WB Past Claiborne
1129 St Francis WB at Warren St
1130 St Francis WB at Dearborn St
1131 Spinghill WB Past N Bayou St
1134 St Anthony WB at Springhill Ave
1135 Springhill WB at Kennedy St
1136 Springhill WB Past Micheal Donald
1237 Springhill EB at Micheal Donald Ave
1238 Springhill EB at Hallett St
1239 Springhill EB Near Broad St at PO
1240 Springhill EB at N Bayou St
1241 Dauphin ST Eb at Dearborn St
1242 Daphin St EB at Hamilton St
1243 Dauphin St EB Near Claiborne St
1245 Dauphin St EB Past St Joseph St
1401 Dauphin EB Near Water
1546 Costaridies WB Past Redmond
1597 Stanton SB Near Fillingim St
1598 Stanton SB at Clinic
1599 Stanton SB at Alta Point
1600 Stanton SB at Ridge Rd
1601 Stanton SB at Yerby St
1603 Costaridies EB Near Summerville St
1604 Stanton SB Near Plesant Ave
1751 St Stephens Past Ann at Pawn Shop
1752 St Styephens Nb Past Center St
1753 St Stephens NB at Lexington Ave
1754 St Stephens NB Past Lafayette St
1755 St Stephens NB Near Catherine St
1756 St Stephens Near Lambert St
1757 Women and Childern Hospital
1758 St Stephens NB Past Cox St
1759 St Stephens NB at Simmington Dr
1760 St Stephens NB Past Plesant Ave
1761 St Stephens NB Past St Charles
1762 St Stephens NB Past Lural Dr
1763 St Stephens NB at Oak Dr
1764 St Stephens NB near Mott Dr N
1765 St Stephens NB Past Posemont Dr
1766 Allison WB Off St Stephens RD
1767 Allison WB at Donald St
1768 Donald NB at Mobile Community Action
1769 Donald NB Leflore HS Across O'Conner St
1770 Donald St NB at Seal St
1771 Donald NB Seal St
1772 Donald NB Near Good St
1773 Good WB at Super St
1774 Good at Summerville St
1775 Summerville SB at Barrettes LN
1776 Summerville at Ceceil St
1777 Summerville SB at Floria St Ext
1778 Summerville SB Near Mimosa
1779 Summerville SB at Clinton St
1780 Summerville SB at Havet Ave
1781 Hart WB at Wellington St
1782 Hart WB Near Stanton
1783 Fillingim WB at Caton St
1784 Mobile SB at Mill St
1785 Mobile at Reaves St
1786 Mobile SB at Nall St
1787 Mobile SB at Elsmore St
1788 Bayshore WB at Freddrick St
1789 Bayshore NB at Edgewood
1790 Bayshore NB at Josephine St
1791 Bayshore NB at McKinney St
1792 Fillingim EB at May St
1793 Fillingim EB at Mobile St
1794 Fillingim EB at Caton St
1795 Fillingim EB Near Stanton Rd
1796 Pleasant Ave EB Off Stanton Rd
1797 Pleasant EB at Donald St
1798 St Stephens SB at Simmington Dr
1799 St Stephens SB Past Cox St
1800 St Stephens SB Near Lambert St
1801 St Stephens SB Near Catherine St
1802 St Stephens SB at Lafayette St
1803 St Steophens SB at Rylands St
1804 St Stephens SB near N Ann St