1000 GMandO
1001 Water St EB and St Joseph St
1041 Bel Air Mall
1109 Govt EB at Bayou
1110 Govt EB at Scott St
1111 Govt EB Mid Block past Washington
1113 Govt EB at Cedar St
1114 Govt EB at Lawrence St
1115 Govt EB at Franklin St
1116 Govt EB at Claiborne
1117 Govt EB Mid Block Past Joachim St
1118 Govt Near Royal St
1119 Water NB at Dauphin St
1120 Water NB at St Louis St
1122 Old Conception St Rd SB at Morgan
1123 St Joseph SB Near Congress St
1124 St Joseph St SB across from Post Office
1125 St Joseph SB Near St Anthony
1126 St Joseph SB Near St Louis St
1127 St Francis WB at Joachim
1128 St Francis WB Past Claiborne
1129 St Francis WB at Warren St
1130 St Francis WB at Dearborn St
1131 Spinghill WB Past N Bayou St
1402 Broad ST SB at Conti
1403 Broad SB Near Govt St
1404 Broad SB at Augusta St
1405 Broad SB at Selma St
1406 Broad SB at Texas St
1407 Broad SB at New Jersey St
1408 Broad St at Shopping Center
1409 Broad SB A Virginia St
1410 Broad SB at Miami St
1411 Broad SB at Shawnee St
1412 Broad SB at Kentucky St
1413 Broad SB Near Baltimor A Fire Station
1414 Baltimore SB at Marine St
1415 Baltimore WB A Gayle St
1416 Baltimore WB at Taylor Park
1417 Baltimore WB at Ross St
1418 Baltimore WB at Ann St
1419 ANN SB at Cloverleaf
1420 Ann SB at Melrose St
1421 Ann SB at Arlington St
1422 Ann SB at 1400
1423 Ann SB Near Duval St
1424 Duval EB Past Sumner St
1425 Duval EB at Kelloge St
1426 Dauval EB at Broad St
1427 Broad SB Across from Airbus
1428 Broad St WB at 9th Street
1429 Broad WB at 5th St
1430 Broad St WB Near Michigan Ave
1431 Eagle WB at W Cardinal Dr
1432 Cardinal SB at Albatross St
1433 Cardinal SB at Bobolink
1434 Cardinal NB at Heron
1435 Cardinal NN Near Eagle
1436 Eagle EB at Jay Dr
1437 Eagle EB Near Raven
1440 Michigan NB at Hurtel St
1441 Michigan NB at Van Lee Cir
1442 Michigan NB at Van Lee Cir
1443 Duval WB A Quail St
1444 Duval WB at Antwerp
1445 Duval WB at Ghent St
1446 Duval WB at Rotterdam
1447 Duval WB at Houston St
1448 Duval WB at Murray Hill Ct
1449 1918 Duval Street
1450 Duval WB Near DIP
1451 DIP NB N Sabbath St
1452 DIP NB at Bankhead St
1453 DIP NB at Dublin St
1454 DIP NB at Canal St
1455 DIP NB at Calmes St
1456 Dauhin Island Prkwy NB at Granger St
1457 Govt WB Past DIP
1458 Govt WB at Glenwood
1459 Govt WB at Mohawk St
1460 Govt WB at Westwood St
1461 Govt WB at Pinehill Dr
1462 Govt WB Across from Whataburger
1463 Govt WB Across from Greyhound
1464 Govt WB at McDonalds
1465 Govt WB Near Pleasantvalley
1466 Pleasant Valley WB near Magnolia Rd
1467 Pleasant Valley NB at Sky Valley Apts
1468 Pleasant Valley NB at Farnell St
1469 Pleasant Valley NB at Platt St
1470 Pleasantvalley Nb at Kenny St
1471 Pleasant Valley NB at Myra Dr
1472 Pleasantvalley Near Dlemar
1473 Pleasantvalley NB Near Cottagehill Rd
1474 Pleasant Valley SB at Cottagehill Circle
1475 Plesantvalley SB at Shady Brook Dr
1476 Plesantvalley SB at Kenny St
1477 Pleasantvalley SB at Platt St
1478 Plesantvalley SB at Farnell Ln
1479 Plesantvalley SB Near Govenment Blvd
1480 Govt EB past Plesantvalley
1481 Govt EB at Howell St
1482 Govt EB Across from Walmart
1483 Govt EB at Greyhound Bus Station
1484 Govt EB at Whataburger
1485 Govt EB at Pinehill Dr
1486 Govt EB at West Wood St
1487 Govt EB at Mohawk St
1488 Govt EB at Glennwood. St
1489 Govt EB Near DIP
1490 DIP Between Govt-Garnger
1491 DIP SB at Senator St
1492 DIP SB at Johnston Ave
1493 DIP SB at Bankhead St
1494 DIP SB at Sabbath St
1495 Dual EB Off DIP
1496 Duval EB at Murryhill Ct
1497 Duval EB Near Houston St
1498 Duval EB at Rotterdam
1499 Duval EB at Ghent St
1500 Duval EB at Antwerp St
1501 Duval EB at Stewart St.
1502 Duval EB at Michigan Ave
1503 Michigan SB at Van Lee Cir
1504 Michigan SB at Van Lee Cir
1505 Michigan SB at Hurtel St
1506 Eagle EB at Dollar General Store.
1507 Broad EB off Michigan Ave
1508 Broad St EB at 5th St
1509 Broad st EB at 9th Street
1510 Broad NB Across from Airbus
1511 Dauval WB at Broad St
1512 Duval WB at Kelloge St
1513 Ann NB Offr Duval St
1514 Ann NB Near Arlington St.
1515 Ann NB at Cottrell St
1516 Ann NB at Alba St
1517 Ann NB at Rock of Faith Church
1518 Ann Nb A Baltimore St
1519 Baltimore EB at Ross St
1520 Baltimore EB at Kelly St
1521 Baltimore EB at Taylor Park
1522 Baltimore EB A Gayle St
1523 Baltimore EB Near Broad St
1524 Broad NB Past Baltimor St
1525 Broad NB at Kentucky St
1526 Broad SB Near RR Track
1527 Broad NB Near RR Track
1528 Broad NB at S Carolina St
1529 Broad NB A Virginia St
1530 Broad NB at Maryland St
1531 Broad NB at New Jersey St
1532 Broad NB Near Texas St
1533 Broad NB at Savannah St
1534 Broad NB at Charleston St
1535 Broad Nb at Palmetto St
1536 Govt NB at Broad
1537 Govt EB at Jefferson